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Terms & Conditions

Referral Agency Affiliation Agreement

Memo of Understanding

The purpose of this agreement is to form an affiliation between Dress for Success Southern Nevada and the organization named on this application. We, the above organization, having in common the goal of empowering low-income women who seek employment, shall facilitate the provision of services to all enrolled clients.

We agree to responsibly refer job-ready clients to Dress for Success Southern Nevada for interview appropriate clothing in accordance with Dress for Success Southern Nevada's policies and procedures.

We designate the undersigned contact person to serve as our sole liaison to Dress for Success Southern Nevada for all client
referrals. This contact person will attend Dress for Success Southern Nevada's orientation and annual member organization meeting.

In return, Dress for Success Southern Nevada agrees to suit clients with dignity and respect. Dress Southern Nevada reserves the right to revoke membership should a member organization or its representatives violate the states policies and procedures.